Uninstall LEDE (TL-WR1043nd v4)

Hello everybody!

I have upgrade the firmware for TL-WR1043nd v4 router and now I m wondering how to come back to factory firmware ?

If I go in Backup / Flash firmware menu and I select Flash new firmware image will be ok?

Thanks for help!

Hmmm... https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tl-wr1043nd#back_to_original_firmware isn't really specific regarding v4.

If you find the solution, please consider updating the wiki accordingly.

To complement the advice linked by tmomas: look at the flash layout of the 1043 router to understand the possible need for cutting the first 128 kB away from the OEM firmware image:

LEDE (and Openwrt) flash only the "firmware" = "kernel"+"rootfs" section of the flash. If you have an OEM firmware image that additionally contains the u-boot boot loader (for mtd0), it needs to be cut away from the image before flashing.

You may need to check the contents of the image with a hex editor/viewer to see it there is u-boot in the beginning if the image. (maybe compare it to the contents of /dev/mtd0)

You can use tplink recovery mode....here is some link to read..it is easy i have done it many times in my wr1043nd v3....the same procedure for v4.

Thank you guys!

I will try the Knomax solution when I will have some time.

thanks again for help.

I will come back with an response.

@Knomax is right. Use the official firmware from the TP-Link website and flash it using TFTP.

Why you need a factory firmware ?

Tell us if you have done the "job".:slight_smile:

I have successfully flashed a WR1043nd v4 from lede to the stock firmware.

Use this howto https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tl-wr1043nd section "Flashing / Recovery using tftp only (without serial console)"

rename stock firmware vom "wr1043ndv4_eu-up-ver3-16-9-P1[20160607-rel58297].bin" to "wr1043ndv4_tp_recovery.bin".

you can check the upload with a running wireshark.
and don't forget to disable your desktop firewall :slight_smile:

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