Unifi with 120 degree antenna problem

Hi there
I use unifi ac mesh with 5ghz 120 degree 19db1 antenna my problem the signal is very poor I test it with my phone the distance between my phone and sector around 30 cm and the signal around -60 I change and replace sma between unifi and antenna and its same
Any suggestions?

Note : I disable radio1 2.4ghz and only 5ghz radio0 work with unifi

This is my antenna I use it

Which OpenWrt release are you using on this mikrotik device?

This just antenna box and I connect it with unifi ac mesh as radio

Which OpenWrt release are you using on the unifi ac mesh?

Custom image build with 19.07 source and ath10k wlan drive

not the best way to test a wireless signal

Any suggestions ?

I think its hardware limitation or ath79 problem because I replace it with mikrotik rb912 with custom openwrt image with same network and wireless configuration and its work great without any problem

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