Unifi U6-LR Bootloader problem

Hello everyone. I've got a Unifi Cloudkey and several U6-LR Access Points. At night they updated the Firmware on the U6-LR. One Access Points is not respoding anymore. It doesnt react on the reset switch, nor tftp or anything. So after hooking up the serial cable inside, the Firmware is corrupted and I cant type anything via terminal, this is the output:

[BLDR] jump to 0x41E00000

[BLDR] <0x41E00000>=0xEA00000F

[BLDR] <0x41E00004>=0xE59FF014

U-Boot 2014.04-rc1 (Aug 14 2022 - 09:48:05)

I2C:  ready

static declaration g_total_rank_size = 0x1F000000

DRAM: 496 MiB

NOR: Flash Index: 0, MenuID: ef, DevID1: 40, DevID2: 20

Setup flash information successful, support list index: 43

In:   serial

Out:  serial

Err:  serial

Net:  mtk_eth

Uip activated

is_default = false

is_ble_stp = true

~~~ p_device_model:U6-LR

~~~ is_default:0 ~~~

~~~ p_macaddr:d0:21:xx:xx:xx:1d ~~~

~~~ is_ble_stp:1 ~~~

=========================GPIO INIT=====================

GPIO61 initial to push GPIO28 on MT7915

GPIO61_MODE value: 1000

GPIO61_DIR_MODE value: 200003df

GPIO61_DOUT_MODE value: 20000000

GPIO83(PERST0) initial to signal trigger PCIE on MT7915

GPIO83_MODE value: 10000000

GPIO83_DIR_MODE value: 83800

GPIO83_DOUT_MODE value: 80000

=========================UART_3 INIT=====================

=========================FLOW 1=====================

[BT Power On Result] Success

=========================FLOW 2=====================

[HCI RESET Result] Success

=========================Extend FLOW=====================

[HCI LE BT MAC ADDR Result] Success

=========================FLOW 3=====================


=========================FLOW 4=====================


=========================FLOW 5=====================


=========================FLOW 6=====================


 mdio45.w addr[0x0000E410] value[0x00000000]

[aqr112c] Enable 100Mbps link detection

Hit any key to stop autoboot: 3  2  1

000, start_addr=30040000, size=131072,start_sector=4, end_sector=5

 2. Name = u-boot, offset = 60000, start_addr=30060000, size=393216,start_sector=6, end_sector=11

 3. Name = u-boot-env, offset = c0000, start_addr=300c0000, size=65536,start_sector=12, end_sector=12

 4. Name = Factory, offset = d0000, start_addr=300d0000, size=262144,start_sector=13, end_sector=16

 5. Name = EEPROM, offset = 110000, start_addr=30110000, size=65536,start_sector=17, end_sector=17

 6. Name = bs, offset = 120000, start_addr=30120000, size=65536,start_sector=18, end_sector=18

 7. Name = cfg, offset = 130000, start_addr=30130000, size=1048576,start_sector=19, end_sector=34

 8. Name = kernel0, offset = 230000, start_addr=30230000, size=32374784,start_sector=35, end_sector=528

 9. Name = kernel1, offset = 2110000, start_addr=32110000, size=32374784,start_sector=529, end_sector=1022

Board: Ubiquiti Networks MT7622 board (a620-5.0000)

UBNT application initialized

reading kernel 0 from: 0x230000, size: 0x00dcd000

ta Start:  0x50080030

    Data Size:   14434571 Bytes = 13.8 MiB

    Architecture: AArch64

    OS:          Linux

    Load Address: 0x43080000

    Entry Point: 0x43080000

    Hash algo:   sha1

    Hash value:  2adf944f81fac68bbb1437966421b9f94d7cf38a

    Sign algo:   sha1,rsa2048:uap6_mt7622 (required)

    Sign value:  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

  Verifying Hash Integrity ... sha1 error!

Bad hash value for 'hash' hash node in 'kernel@1' image node

Bad Data Hash

ERROR: can't get kernel image!

MT7622 #

How can I get the keyboard input working? TX/RX are connected right. If I twist them together I see the echo with terminal program. I'd try to install openwrt if I would get input working.

Thank you in advance!

who are "they" ?

how is this related to OpenWRT ?

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The Cloudkey from Unifi updated the devices. I'm moving away from stock Unifi "Mesh" and the rest of the Unifi APs are getting the OpenWRT Firmware. This device has been sitting in the shelf and I got some time and wanted to "rescue" it by applying the openwrt firmware. But after connecting to the serial port inside I cant type anything.

Contact their support channel?

1 year and 4 months old, so out of warranty. No support from their side.

Wow - interesting, that sux.