UniFi Network Controller on Openwrt x86

Could I ask you to help me with setup Unifi Controler on OpenWRT.
Ubiquity provides version for Debian.
But, Im not a big professional in Linux. I searched in google, but without any success. One thing that I understand, better way is to use virtual machines, but it's too late.
Is it possible to use Debian(deb) package to install it in OpenWRT?

Thank you!

I don't think openwrt is based on debian, the possible scenario that I can think of are :

  1. Running OpenWrt in virtual machine or docker, alongside with unifi controller, I've thought about that scenario but the complexity of running such system in virtualization seems not worthed it.
  2. Use Debian itself as router (and install all required software like nftables for firewall etc etc) so you can install unifi controller, which is not feasible in my opinion since that's just as "manual" as previous option.
  3. Use separate system (not exactly ideal), which I use in my setup right now, openwrt mainly as router and unifi controller on other linux system. In this case I can also install pi-hole and dns server alongside unifi controller and leave the router strictly for routing and QoS only.
  4. Using DebianWrt and install unifi controller alongside (but I don't think DebianWrt is much updated like OpenWrt).
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No, you definitely cannot install .deb packages on OpenWrt.

Anyway, I don't think I understand what you are trying to do here.

Is that a client software used to control UniFi devices? Why do you want to install it on top of OpenWrt? Shouldn't you install it on your desktop?

Or do you want to control your OpenWrt devices using that software?

You cannot install UniFi controller on your router. Use something simple like RPi for that if you really need your controller running 24x7 or install it on your desktop if you need it only for occasional configuration changes and maintenance tasks.

Is that a client software used to control UniFi devices? Why do you want to install it on top of OpenWrt? Shouldn't you install it on your desktop?

I assume he want to install Unifi Controller alongside OpenWrt in his x86 build since it's powerful enough to run both I think, but it's currently impossible due to different environment.

Unifi Controller is a controller to all unifi devices which is connected by API so each devices doesn't have to run web server (which is lighter). Usually it's installed in desktop for fire and forget management, but there are some cases where unifi controller installed in mini server or stand alone device for cloud based management and other function like hotspot control.

I once had similar thought of putting both OpenWRT with unbound dns server, pi-hole, and unifi controller in one device like Raspberry Pi 4 4 - 8 Gb, But looks like currently not feasible.

runs from debian chroot ~1% cpu and ~200M ram


Unifi Controller is a commercial product supported by Ubiquity. You should probably ask them how to use it.