Unifi Mesh Problem

Hello, I have three unifi devices with openwrt installed. 802.11s Mesh is installed and working fine. But when I connect the LAN cable of all devices, 100% CPU usage occurs. What is the cause of this problem? I gave static ip to all of them on the router.

I have a NAS server in my house, so they work faster in AP mode with LAN cables connected. But additionally I also want Mesh installed. What path should I follow?

L2 loop most likely. Are you running STP? You cannot have them connected wirelessly and by lan in the same collision domain.

If I remember correctly, when I turned on the wireless uplink feature in the stock firmware, it automatically worked as an AP when I connected the cable, and when I removed the cable, it worked as a mesh. I am inexperienced in these matters, it is fine to use it as an AP, but as a Mesh, fast roaming works more stable.

If they are all connected via lan cable why is mesh needed

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Lan connection will offer higher throughput. If you insist on keeping them in a mesh, then disconnect the lan cables from all but one access point.

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I thought it would be fast roaming between AP's. 802.11 k, r, v enabled. DAWN installed. But still fast roaming is not stable. Smooth transitions with mesh enabled. This time the speed is slow.