Unifi edgerouter4 and cavium OCTEON III

Hi guys,

I have a question about the new unifi edgerouter4 (or 6)

they use the CPU: CaviumCN7130 @1GHz Octeon III (Quad Core MIPS64)

And after looking for more informations, i saw this article. (from 2015)


how can we add support for octeon III ? Did someone know about something ?


At that price why aren't you looking at ARM instead?

If so, I'd like support for the Octeon on the Actiontec MR424WR's, I have a Rev. F device ready for testing.

Except that your device uses Octeon+ which the same as the EdgeRouter Lite which is supported.

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You're also missing drivers such as network, looks like they gave up after sending in 12 (!) versions.


I have tested EdgeRouter 4 briefly with the mainline kernel (v4.19), and the Ethernet is supported by the octeon-ethernet staging driver (same as used for EdgeRouter Lite). The proposed new OCTEON III ethernet driver is for the "bigger" OCTEON III SoCs.

Hi aakosin

Any pointers on using openwrt on edgerouter 4, I cannot find any documentation for the ER4, only the ERL and ERX