Unifi ac mesh with 48v power supply

Hi there
I have unifi ac mesh with custom image build with openwrt , I use cat5e cable with this device and the distance between unifi and my patch pane (24v) , over 80 m
With this installation I have problem , when I enable the dual radio , radio0 (5ghz) and radio1 (2.4ghz)
The device didnt work and its turn off . So I have Cisco switch with 48v Poe port i use it to power the unifi the device work perfectly with it without any problem .

My Q : is it safe to use 48v with unifi ac mesh ?

What does the datasheet say?

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its say 24v/48v but in some community they say they didnt test it but they thinking its will broke the device in future

It is OK to operate that way. It is designed for it.

Also Ubiquiti specifications agree the cable length is limited in 24 volt mode. I forget the exact number but it is less than 50 meters.

is that the standard or pro? the pro can go up to 57 v if is not the pro is not a good idea go with 57 v but you can use 48

They comply with 802.3af which means you can go by the standards without looking at exact voltages. The PoE bus in most Cisco boxes is 52 volts-- this allows for some losses in the port circuitry to provide a nominal 48 volt output.