Unifi 6 Lite dynamic Vlans Slow speed on Ios devices

Device being used: Unifi 6 lite and Unifi 6 lr v2

        option dynamic_vlan     '2'
        option vlan_file '/etc/config/hostapd.vlan'
        option vlan_bridge 'br-General'
        option vlan_tagged_interface 'lan'
        option vlan_naming '0'

       149  wlan0.149  br-Management
       263  wlan0.263  br-General
       348  wlan0.348  br-Guest
       427  wlan0.427  br-IOT

Windows and android machines are not affected. Disabling dynamic vlans gives full speed to ios devices. Are my settings correct?

12-17-22 snapshot fixed my issue. Back to full speed on dynamic vlans for iOS devices.

Wlan settings: (fyi you do not need to attach the wlan to an interface) (you need to ssh into the device and edit /etc/config/wireless)

      option dynamic_vlan     '2'
      option 'vlan_tagged_interface' 'lan’
      option 'vlan_bridge' 'br-vlan'
      option 'vlan_naming' '2”

You must create br-vlan in interfaces. Then you create br-vlan123 for each vlan. The same goes for lan but you need to use . Example “lan.123”.

IPv6 fix that got my iPad to stop losing internet. Clear out the IPv6 prefix ula. You can find it under the interface tab. Then go to global network options. This is only needed if you have a firewall in front of the wireless ap.

It doesn’t hurt to disable dhcp and dns services. This is documented in the ap wiki for devices.

This is the settings for a Unifi 6 lite that got it working under 23.03.3 with full speed. My firewall is a Netgate 6100 or pfsense firewall.

IPv6 prefix fix is not needed to get IPv6 working. The rest of the above information is needed to get full speed.

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