Unifi 6 Lite bricked


So i purchased a Unifi 6-Lite and tried to flash OpenWRT on it. I saw that as a prerequisite, i must downgrade the firmware version before v6.5. So i downloaded the v6.0.14 official image as said in the openwrt documentation, and then strictly followed the instructions. The leds of the AP went into the "Upgrading firmware" pattern (flashing blue/light with a precise tempo), and then after a while, nothing. Like really nothing. I can't boot it up again, can't reset it, even can't put it on TFTP mode. The LEDs are not lighting up at all ;(

Though I think that the device is not roasted because the Switch port on which it is connected is blinking, meaning data is transferring.

For information i use this poe injector from amazon to power it on.

Do someone have an idea or a suggestion?


Ask unifi support for downgrade help?

Could you link to the instructions that you followed?

Generally if the LED doesn't do anything at all on power-up, the bootloader has been overwritten and it will require hardware writing directly to the flash chip to recover.

I followed these instructions: https://openwrt.org/toh/ubiquiti/unifi_6_lite#factory_downgrade_preinstallation_requirement