Unifi 6 Lite boot failure with recent master

@bmork looks like blocktrron may have fixed it.

I'll test later today. If you beat me to it, let me know how you go!

Yes, works for me. U-Boot now loads the fdt at 0x87000000, which is obviously aligned.

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I love git bisect. But this problem is the perfect example of where it fails, isn't it? We have 50% probability that we won't detect the problem on source code where it is present. But the outcome is constant for any given commit and config. So we'll end up providing bisect with arbitrary "good" results when we shouldn't.

Besides, I've never quite mastered kernel bisection on OpenWrt. Too many quilt patches to handle on top of the git tree. So my method so far has been to try to run a mostly mainline kernel on the device and then bisect. Should be possible with MT7621 now, but it's always some extra work.

Yeah, same problem on my side, so I also gave up on debugging things under OpenWrt and spin-up a quick buildroot build to debug stuff