Unexpected dhcp items

I have an r8000 router with lede installed. While getting it setup, I purchased a temporary wireless router off of amazon.


CableModem <-> (Wan) HooToo Router (Lan) <-> (Wan) R8000 (Lan) <-> home network.

I was checking the status of the HooToo wireless router and found multiple dhcp reservations to unknown devices and several to the R8000 running Lede. This was also after a reboot of the HooToo where I would have expected it to have an empty cache. I had password required on the router and no external access from the Wan port setup.


Question: Why would an R8000 lan mac show up on the HooToo DHCP list? I expected only to see the R8000 wan interface. (Do I have something open on the firewall to listen for external DHCP stuff?)


LEDE Reboot SNAPSHOT r5285-dea3bad / LuCI Master (git-17.309.31241-676ce11)
Netgear R8000 (BCM4709)

You failed to mention how did you configure both devices exactly...