Uneccessary interface auto created?

If I create a new wireless SSID in Luci with Network set as LAN, without having any SSIDs setup before (all removed), an interface named radio0 is automatically created. This radio0 gets bridged with my ethernet but no wireless does work.
Than I go to the Wireless setting of my SSID and have to set the Network again to LAN (It gets unset), an interface named "Master $SSID" is created. My wireless does work again.

Happens with my Buffalo wzr-hpg300nh and Xiaomi mir3g with the current trunk.

Is the radio0 interface needed? Does it happen to you too?

I can get it away by deselecting the radio0 from Interface from Network->Interfaces->LAN->Physcial Settings->Interface.


radio0 is an internal identifier used by LuCI to denote not-yet active networks.

Thank you for the explanation.

Than I think Luci GUI has a bug by adding the interface into the LAN group.

First I delete all SSIDs.


Than create a new one and assign it to LAN.


But than only an interface radio0 is added to the LAN group. So no wireless traffic is forwarded.


I have to go again into the wireless settings for the SSID and add it to LAN group again.




Now my SSID interface is in the LAN group and my wireless traffic is forwarded.