Understanding WiFi bitrate adaptation in OpenWrt LEDE

I'm trying to understand how WiFi bitrate adaptation works in general.

I've started by reading this paper about Minstrel, the typical bitrate adaptation algorithm found in Linux.
To get more hands-on, I've explored the statistics used by Minstrel in the Linux laptops I'm working with, which are exported in the /sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy*/*/stations/*/rc_stats file (they're even automatically exported in csv format, which is awesome).

I've tried to find the same files in a router running openWRT... but couldn't find them!
Why could this be?

  • Does openWRT even use Minstrel?
  • Is bitrate adaptation done at the WiFi NIC level in routers?
  • Do I need to enable special configuration options and build a custom openWRT image to get these files?

The ideal outcome would be for me to enable the rc_stats file in openWRT, if possible.

Info about my system:
HW: Ubiquiti UniFi AC Lite
SW: LEDE 17.01.6, r3979-2252731af4