Understanding limitations of WRT3200ACM

I am looking to switch to OpenWrt from FreshTomato, but my current router uses a Broadcom chip, so I will need to get a new router.
On a local page for selling used items there is someone selling a WRT3200ACM for $20. I have done some research regarding this router, and it seems that the driver development stopped, leaving a few bugs in the firmware, which are detailed here: https://openwrt.org/toh/linksys/wrt_ac_series#marvell_wifi

However, excluding the WPA3 issue (which I am unaffected by, as I don't have any WPA3 supported clients), there appear to be workarounds for all of these.

Would this be a good buy for a wireless router, or should I keep looking around for a different router?

If you are happy with WPA2, no 802.11r or 802.11w, the router work ok.
The pro tip would be to disable the "radio2" drivers, so that the main radio drivers (radio0 and radio1) is happy with the country code changes.

The CPU is fast, so any wired speeds (also gigabit wan with SQM enabled) would be ok.

If you get that with $20, just buy it and test it. Price is so cheap.


Just one additional thing to note, the interoperability issues are unfixed and not really avoidable (at least I don't consider disabling WMM == reducing 2.4 GHz performance to 54 MBit/s acceptable, nor using the basically antenna-less 1x1 mwifiex radio tuned to the 5 GHz band for 2.4 GHz). At 20 USD (assuming a functional device), I wouldn't hesitate to buy it though - albeit purely for its wired capabilities, the wireless side is problematic and not going to get any better. Especially if you are using any IoT devices (where the Espressif esp8266/ esp8285 or esp32 line of chipsets is very common), you'd be up to a world of pain with the mwlwifi wireless.

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What exactly do you mean by interoperability?

That kind of defeats my need...

There is only one Espressif device in my house that I do not have control over the firmware (a weather station), and I can live without it having network access untill I figure out how to get it working.

Overall, looks like a decent buy. Thanks!

Get it for that price and evaluate it for a while, whether it is ok for you.

In case you do not like it, currently non-broken ones easily sell for 70-80€ at eBay.

You can also have it as a router/dhcp server and a lot more things. But buy a external access point for wifi, that will give you the least wifi headache available.
Then the WRT3200ACM is a non stoppable beast for data transfers in all directions.

I am using it for the last 2 years without any problems, extremely reliable with no drop in wifi.

802.11r works on my WRT3200ACM, maybe you meant 802.11s?