Understanding error message of hostapd/libnl: "nl_recvmsgs failed"


I am currently experiencing some ping/connection issues with a couple of Archer AX23v1 devices and wonder if a short log message may hint towards something:

Tue Oct 17 21:57:59 2023 daemon.notice hostapd: nl80211: nl80211_recv_beacons->nl_recvmsgs failed: -5

I haven't encountered this message before, and couldn't find anything when doing a couple of Google researches.

OpenWrt version is build from snapshot (r23566-37ff916af7) on July 14th.

Did you find out the reason? Have WAX206 Devices also with mediatek chipset showing the same errors and have connection issues with some clients if the Error occurs. Using also Dawn...

WAX206: kernel errors - HW Problem, mt7915e timeouts, failed to set key · Issue #14947 · openwrt/openwrt (github.com)