Unbricking TP-Link Archer A6

Is there any way to unbrick tp-link archer a6?
i have already open the case and saw the pin holes.

Need further guide on this



i have install usb to ttl on the board but this is what i got on putty

Looks like wrong port speed, or a bad connection.

i use 115200

J1 pin is RX, 2nd pin TX and 3rd pin GND

tried tftp method. stuck at 48%

Success story here https://hamradio.my/reviving-my-tp-link-archer-a6-router-a-journey-of-trial-and-success/

Not much of a success story, if you don't tell what you did to succeed.

After several unsuccessful attempts, I persisted in retrying the TFTP method until, eventually, I succeeded in uploading the latest OpenWrt firmware, thus successfully reviving the router. Thats all

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