Unbricking the Elecom WRC-X3200GST3

First: thank you for your work on porting OpenWRT to this target.

Within the TTL-accessible Boot environment, I mistakenly used mtd-write to attempt a return to stock Elecom firmware and apparently overwrote key partitions.

I now see

F0: 102B 0000
F6: 3800 00A0
F3: 1006 0037
F3: 4000 00E0
F5: 480A 0031
F5: 480A 0031
00: 1005 0000
F6: 3800 00A0
F3: 4000 00E0
F5: 480A 0031
F5: 480A 0031
01: 102A 0001
02: 1005 0000
BP: 0000 00C0 [0001]
T0: 0000 057E [000F]
System halt!

The system has a W25N01GVxxIG/IT NAND, and I figure I can flash it back to OpenWRT with the proper tools. The official OpenWRT page says that JTAG isn't supported. Might there be a mode I could use?

I don't get link so I don't see how I can use tftp again until more progress has been made.
Here's the developer's site: Hatenablog Page for the WRC-X3200GST3

How would experienced people solve this problem? SWD? TTL-only?
I have a build of OpenOCD ready to go.



NAND flash chip; winbond 25N01GVZEIG