Unbrick tp link wr743nd v1, which cable I buy?

I have this router bricked because I tried to sysupgrade my router and I don't know why now it doesn't work, I can't enter into failsafe mode either, it's an infinite reboot loop. I tried to recovery it with TFTP, like I always do when I accidentally brick my WR940N, but it doesn't work, LAN ports doesn't show any activity while monitoring in Wireshark, WAN shows irrelevant request. The question is: According to this guide for unbricking via serial: https://openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tl-wr743nd what cable can I buy to replace that nokias dku-5 or ca-42 cables, there's a more common option? I have basic soldering skills, however is my first time having to unbrick a router via serial, I think that for doing the mini bridge I need a tin of about 0.3 mm.


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