Unbrick Downgrade tp-link 841n v13 after instal lede

Downgraund after instal LEDE
1 download tftp
2 use ip adress lan mask
3 select interface tftp
4 donwload fimware https://yadi.sk/d/LxXOYlJZ3QTJN3
5 Unzip Rar to TFTP folder
6 insert wan port lan cable
7 press reset
8 power on device
9 thx fo me)

Same procedure documented in the TP-Link forums...


The firmware can be downloaded directly from TP-Link, after selecting your location...


this does not work on some tp link routers. you have to have a portion of the firmware stripped out before you can use it. if the method here does not work for you you can search here or google for your router name plus the words stripped firmware and you may have luck. i have a US router and apparently you cant use the EU stripped firmware and i cant find a stripped firmware for my 841n v13. if anybody has one or knows how to do it contact me. i used the orginal method described here to instaall openwrt and luce by scp server so i know how to do it but i just dont know how to strip the firmware

edit got a stripped one that works. trying to find a link to it. i have the original though

edit: here it is here is a stripped one for the 841n v13. https://cloud.disroot.org/s/oksmiAS4iM9mx7D