Unbound vs DNS over Https

Quick question for you much more intelligent folk...

I'm running a RPi4 with Openwrt, and another RPi4 as a pihole server handling the DNS enquirys, but then returning the replys back to Openwrt which is using DNS over HTTPs...

... But I've read recently that adding recursive dns to the pihole is more secure, but what's your thoughts on the matter?

Stick with what I have now that works, or follow the pihole guide and install unbound and become a recursive dns server.

Not really, since recursive DNS traffic can be subjected to DNS hijacking.

So you would stick to what Ive already got in place?

Well, it depends on your goal.
Perhaps you should enable DoH/DoT on Pi-hole.
Then set up DNS hijacking on OpenWrt and DNS forwarding from OpenWrt to Pi-hole.