Unbound UCI - broken? [RESOLVED]

OWRT latest version. I just installed Unbound, planning to use it in a 'parallel' config with DNSmasq, and have followed the guide at https://github.com/openwrt/packages/blob/master/net/unbound/files/README.md.

Despite setting "option domain_type 'static' " in /etc/config/unbound, I am seeing my local zone configured as 'transparent', in /tmp/lib/unbound/unbound.conf, and in the 'RecursiveDNS:Unbound:Status:Local Zones'.

This is very bad as I do not want any leakage of local info, by recursion to external services.

Am I wasting my time with Unbound UCI and would it be safer just to use fully manual Unbound configuration ?


I would suggest the best option would be to open an issue, pinging the package maintainer.

Yeah, I know I should do but I just wanted a quick fix.. So my workaround was to delete DNSmasq completely and use the 'odhcp-full' package for DHCP service in parallel with Unbound for local-zone and recursive DNS.

That is working fine and seems a cleaner way to do it TBH.

Nope. Although switching to 'odhcp' fixed the 'option domain_type' problem, there were still too many other faults in the Unbound configuration supplied by UCI for it to be any use to me.

I've switched back to DNSmasq & Stubby for local-zone plus a forwarding via DoT DNS service..

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