Unbound Optimal Config for OpenWrt Netgear x4s r7800

I am rocking unbound in openwrt Netgear x4s r7800 and it certainly is best with latest kernel etc
I've another asus router and i'm using asuswrt with it for lack of support for Asus ax88u from openwrt.

One thing that is bothering me that For asus a Senior dev named Martineau has great work on unbound and has optimized it every way, i thought of integrating his basic configrations to unbound at openwrt.

As my router is hanging on roof , its not easy to take it every than and now and i'm afraid to leave it in unusable state and take the hassle of taking down r7800 , so wanted some expert advise for proper config input

all i need is simple unbound without stubby etc (dnssec by default is enough), no backup support etc is needed as unbound never fails, just super quick resolv as i've on asus
Further i've shared Martineau GitHub for learned and network gurus to have a look at his well optimized config

as having very knowledge , just want to know which things to integrate as his config has a whole backup dns etc support

looking for expert advise on it