Unbound & dnsmasq won't DHCP IP4, only IP6 Netgear R7800 on 17.01.2

I have made a sysupgrade, but never used unbound before and now I am not getting an IP4 address on LAN/WLAN if unbound is enabled (and I have rebooted the router). If I manually configure my interface on the client with a static IP4 everything ok.

Is unbound with luci intergration supposed to "work right out of the box" without manually changing additionally parameters?

During setup of unbound I got this:
uci: Entry not found
uci: Entry not found


Default DHCP is dnsmasq and that has the best LuCI support.
luci-app-unbound offers some support for unbound, but probably not perfect (at least on 17.01 branch).

If you are going to use unbound or isc-dhcp or some other dhcp server, you might need to manually config uci settings as LuCI support will likely not be complete. dnsmasq is integrated, but having separate apps for DNS and DHCP may require some manual settings.

This setup is working for me on a build based on master(aka trunk)

@hnyman @anomeome

Thank you both for the quick reply and the heads up! As a quick workaround I uninstalled dnsmasq and enabled odhcpd in the config file /etc/config/dhcp and setup odhcpd in the advanced settings from luci/recursive dns.

Will see if / what is missing or what side effects occur.

For the record: odhcpd and unbound first looks promising but I got into trouble configuring local domain name handout and approriate dns resolution which I could not solve (with my knowledge) so I stick with parallel dnsmasq and unbound configuration.

I regret wanted unbound.... ;- )

That's too bad, I was thinking of giving that a try to see if I could eliminate another piece of SW. Guess I'll stick to parallel.

Regarding the link you provided it should be possible but I haven't tried because I was already too confused and fed up from trial&error. Also guest networks must be adapted.

Got unbound and odhcpd working, uninstalled dnsmasq. Only thing: If I do a local ping or nslookup I have to use fqdn. Should be solveable but I don't know how ;- )


option leasefile '/tmp/hosts/odhcpd'
option leasetrigger '/usr/lib/unbound/odhcpd.sh'