Unbound and dnsmasq - not resolving "local" (dnsmasq) hostnames

I'm wondering what I have missed.
I followed the guide here on how to setup and use unbound with dnsmasq.

Resolves from the internet and adblock works, except that it doesn't resolv local hostnames anymore.
Not the router hostname.
Not the local hostnames set by dnsmasq dhcp.
And not the hostnames set in luci -> network .-> hostnames

How do i get the local hostnames back with unbound?

EDIT: sort of got it to work....
$ host starbug.refused.net
starbug.refused.net has address
Host starbug.refused.net not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
$ ping starbug.refused.net
ping: cannot resolve starbug.refused.net: Unknown host

I now do have kind of the same problem, how did you solve ist?

I never did, I went back to dnsmasq and it's been working fine. Would be nice to have unbound running tho' but I don't really need it.