Unable to view files in a network share

I am on the latest version 20 of Openwrt using a BT Home Hub 5A.
I have installed Samba and the relevant packages for USB drives etc.
I have mounted and configured the external drive, I have TWO partitions on the external USB drive, exFat and NTFS, with files and folders on both, however, I can see the network share but none of the files in the folder.
I previously had this working in Ver 19i

kmod-fs-ntfs was not installed correctly along with exFat package, re-installing corrected the problem

You're probably more looking for ntfs-3g, than the read-only kmod-fs-ntfs (kmod-fs-ntfs3 replacing both will only come with kernel >= 5.15).

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ntfs-3g was already installed and I couldn't see any files, once I installed kmod-fs-ntfs3, it started working. Maybe a coincidence, I'm not sure..

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