Unable to use service inside script on openwrt 18.06

Hey everyone,

I am unable to use the service command inside a script. I have another device running openwrt 22.03 and it works fine, so I wonder if version 18 has some restrictions on the usage of service.

The error messages look like this:

99-mode2_to_1.sh: line 21: service: not found
99-mode2_to_1.sh: line 22: service: not found
99-mode2_to_1.sh: line 23: service: not found
99-mode2_to_1.sh: line 24: EOF: not found

The inside of this script looks like this:

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
#Convert the device from operation mode 2 to operation mode 1
[ "$(uci -q get network.lan.proto)" = "dhcp" ] && echo "ERROR: Device is already in Dumb-AP mode" && exit 0
uci -q batch << EOI
set dhcp.lan.ignore='1'
set network.lan.ifname='eth1'
del network.lan.ipaddr
del network.lan.netmask
del network.lan.dns
del network.lan.ip6assign
del network.lan.proto
set network.lan.proto='dhcp'
del wireless.default_radio0.network
del wireless.default_radio1.network
set wireless.default_radio0.network='lan'
set wireless.default_radio1.network='lan'
set network.wan.disabled="1"
set network.wan6.disabled="1"
service nodogsplash stop
service nodogsplash disable
service network restart

The device is a 8devices komican, unfortunately I can't upgrade as this device is unsupported.

Insert this as the line #2:

. /etc/profile

The EOF looks redundant, remove it.

I tried like this but it didn't work unfortunately

#!/bin/sh /etc/profile

I also tried like this, to no avail:

#!/bin/sh . /etc/profile

So you're running a manufacturer build, there is no way to know what is and is not included.

You can usually call init.d scripts directly such as
/etc/init.d/nodogsplash stop
This will also work on official builds.

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That checks out! Only the EOF not found persists, should I perhaps replace it with an exit 0?

There's no reason for the EOF line you can remove it. The end of a script file implies an exit 0.

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If I understood you correctly, you are saying that this firmware is not official openwrt? Because I assure you that it is.

I remember using this in one of my earlier posts, but I prefered using service because it made the code look cleaner when paired with network restart xd

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