Unable to update system/software/update lists in GUI

As the title says, unable to update. It tells me check network connectivity. I went to diagnostics and tried pinging the lede-project.org button and it fails, but I can copy that same link and go to cmd prompt on windows machine that I am connected to router with and internet and past the same address and ping it from there no problem. It has been a while since I have tried to update the software lists, a couple of months, so I am not sure when this started. In addition, I have had issues with connecting to my 5G wifi radio. Somehow my config was corrupted so I have been trying to recover for the better part of 2 days now. My configuration is a bit complicated. Try and follow me. Cable modem -> pfSense -> ubiquiti sw _> lede project, vmware hangs off of the ubiquiti sw. Two weeks ago I virtualized the pfSense. The wheel fell off, sort of. Took me 2 days to get it up. Now it is cable modem-> VM pfSense (1 nic in 2nic out)-> ubiquiti sw-> lede-project. I have tried disabling the fw in lede as well, no dice. If I bypass VM pfSense and go cable modem-> backup wifi router->lede-project it updates. I have looked at firewall logs in pfSense and set up a mirror on ubiquiti while updating the lede-project wifi and I don't see any request coming out. I am not very proficient with wireshark so I may have missed something because of the volume of traffic, but I filtered by lede wan address and lan address and I dont see anything. HELP :frowning: I am not sure if it is making it out of the lede box or if VMware switch is clipping it before it gets to pfSense. I tried passing through a 4 port nic to pfSense to create a LAG but had to nix it so my wife wouldn't shoot me for leaving the internet broken for days. Distributed switch had to go for a quik vSwitch non passthrough fix.