Unable to turn on WiFi led on TP Link TD-W8970 v1.2

Hi. I've compiled my own image of version OpenWrt 18.06-SNAPSHOT r7350-4fa4b5edaf.

I added files the openwrt directory, under the folder 'files' so that I do not need any configuration to be connected to the internet. I do not add any wireless configuration.

When I turn on the wireless manually under LuCI, the WiFi led do not light up.
There is no WiFi led under system -> led configuration.

Rebooting the router after enabling wireless does not help.


Any methods to get the wifi led working?

I noticed this has the trigger for the WiFi led. I do not know why mine do not have it.

Sorry to bring back this old thread... btw wifi led is broken on 18.06-snapshot but working on LEDE and master.

Looks like tdw89x0:green:wifi is missing in /sys/class/leds/ on recently released 18.06.2.

(As workaround it is possible to use tdw89x0:green:wps as wifi led triggered by phy0tpt)

This seems to be a bug and should be reported. Have you done so?


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Strange thing is that on master branch it works. So the fix is already there somewhere, is just that it hasn't been backported to 18.06 branch.

I disagree. It doesn't work anyway! neither master branch or sub-branches, at least for me.

This has been reported as a bug as @gnu pointed out. So it should be a matter of time before it gets fixed, possibly in the next update.

@gnu thanks for reporting it. I thought this thread is dead :joy:

Weird. Used to worke, I noticed the weird morking-on-master-but-not-on-18.06 behavior some months ago. I didn't had updated my router since (switched to another model) sorry for the confusion.

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