Unable to swap lan and wan ports

This is with a snapshot build from 2023-09-15.

I have a MikroTik cAP ac. It has two ethernet ports. By default, the port powering the device is the wan port. I'm trying to swap them so that port is the lan port on the bridge interface, but I can't. The devices in /etc/config/network look like

config device
    option name 'lan'
    option macaddr '...'
config device
    option name 'wan'
    option macaddr '...'

I tried swapping the mac addresses, assuming that's how it associated the device with the name, but it didn't work; it just flipped the mac address of the interface.

Is it based on the order the devices appear in the file? Is there something else to set? The docs just say "TODO: move everything related to bridges and layer 2 here."

Hi Super,
On this device, the physical ports are called wan and lan in software. You can check this via the ip link command.

If you want to swap these, you will need to swap the option ifname (interface name) stanzas from the config interface sections, or change list ports in a bridge type config device or config bridge-vlan.


That will make for a confusing config file, but the reasoning makes sense. I didn't realize those names are baked into the image; I assumed they were logical. Thanks!