Unable to setup pppoe connection on Linksys E8450

I got myself an Linksys E8450 also known as AX3200 DUAL-BAND GIGABIT WiFi 6 ROUTER.
I thought I am smart and did it the other way around and looked for perfectly supported devices.
Well installation of openwrt did run flawlessly.
I was able to install 23.05.0-rc3 since I thought I start with the most recent version and rc3 seems close enougth to an final version of 23.05 to try it.

The problem starts when setting up the pppoe connection with my ISP. This seams to not work at all and all examples shows screens of the luCI UI with does not match the look of my UI at least some tabs are missing.
I even tried to edit the configuration files manually without any luck.

My current settup is


I want to replace the Fitzbox with the newly setup openwrt


I am in Austria and the WIKI for ISP configuration for A1 Telekom shows

on /etc/config/network we have to modify the WAN section to use vlan2

       option ifname 'dsl0.2'
       option proto 'pppoe'
       option username '**********'
       option password '********'
       option ipv6 '1'
       option peerdns '0'
       option keepalive '0'

in the DSL section we use the annex b (and optional if you have/need it, the firmware for your modem. In this case I use a FRITZBox 7362 SL)

       option annex 'b'
       option ds_snr_offset '0'
       option firmware '/lib/modules/vr9-B-dsl.bin'

However I found out that ifname is deprecated and now called device.
However the setting config dsl 'dsl' does not seem to have any effect but I must admit I did try it without the firmware setting since I do not know why this should be of any relevance at that point.
I also do not have an device called dsl0.2 I do know that .2 is VLAN 2 but the only device I see in the device list ist eth0, lan1, lan2, lan3, lan4 and wan.

Now I am unsure if the device does have an dsl modem inside? Based on the user guide ( E8450_UserGuide_LNKPG-00735 RevB00.pdf (linksys.com) Page 11 I would think so bit am out of luck here.

Please help.

You need to use DSA notation on your WAN to tag it with VLAN ID 2. There's examples in the wiki for DSL setups.

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Your quoted configuration assumes a device with integrated xDSL modem, while the e8450 does not integrate a modem, this influences both your topology and the OpenWrt configuration.

Not possible, in almost all cases you'd need:




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I think you are right. Just because the original firmware has pppoe settings it does not mean the device has a modem in it. I start experimenting with pppoe passthrough settings of my frizbox and see how that goes. But it seems thats the way to go.

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