Unable to send out locally generated multicast packets

I am trying to send out multicast packets generated by an application installed within the router. I am able to send out locally generated unicast packets. I am also able to forward multicast packets from one port to the others. Anyone have an idea why this is happening?
All ports configured as a single device and to a single interface. So it should act like a simple switch?

Did you bind the software to an interface?

How do I do that? What does binding a service to an interface do/mean?
The software does bind the UDP sockets, that are receiving multicast packets, to the local address. From my understanding, binding isn't required to properly send multicast packets.

As far as I'm aware, you have to tell a multicast program what interface to use. Since you don't mention the software, there's not much more information I could give.

It is a custom software.
The software already binds multicast receiving UDP sockets to the local address which should allow it to identify the interface to receive on. For sending, I assume it should broadcast to any and all interfaces, and I only have one.
I have tested that the software is able to receive multicast packets.

Binding the output sockets fixed the issue. I should have tested that out first instead of making assumptions. Thanks for the help.

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