Unable to replicate the configuration I previously had on my stock TP-Link RE650 v1

Hello, I recently installed OpenWrt on my TP-link 650v1 unfortunately due to my limited networking knowledge, I cant get my head around it's configuration..

I'm able to access LuCI via the ethernet port to my pc as well as via wifi (Tho, ethernet is simpler because I can keep browsing the web for documentation in a VM using my PC's second network adapter).

First of all, so I can use it like before, I just want to replicate the configuration I was using on stock firmware without luck.. (Then add another wifi network behind WireGard)

I made a diagram of the configuration I'm hopping to achieve here:

Also, here's the range extender wiki entry

Thank you very much in advance for any help you can give me

https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/relay_configuration ?

Hello hikopo,

I have exactly the same situation with the same device, running fine. As frollic mentioned, I did it with relayd. The only difference is that I do the uplink with 2,4 GHz. I don't know why, but if I do the uplink via 5Ghz and the client network with 2,4 GHz, transfer speeds get horribly slow, even with good connections. If you know some german, here is what should work for you: https://legacy.thegeeklab.de/posts/openwrt-bridged-repeater-mit-relayd/

Hi, so, if I understand correct, you have quite a normal bridge config.
So, only use LAN (not WAN), and on Network->Interface->LAN->DHCP Server->General Setup enable "igrore interface", as you want your ISP Router to be the DHCP Server. On the LAN Interface, either select Static IP or DHCP to get in the same Network. All WLANs should use LAN as Network, and you should be ready with your config. Later, you could change the WAN Port, remove from WAN and add to LAN to have an additional Port there. If you use same SSIDs/PWs as your ISP Router, your devices can change between ISP Router and RE650.
Wireless Access Point (aka "Dumb" Access Point) ?