Unable to reboot properly

I have OpenWRT 18.06.8 on the Edgerouter X and I noticed that whenever I would attempt to reboot the router, either from the command line or from LuCI, it would seem to reboot, take around a minute to reboot like usual, but when it booted back up it seemed my network interfaces seem to have not been turned on at boot, and when I attempted to start them manually it would not work. Upon attempting to reboot from LuCI at this point, it shows "rebooting" for only 5 seconds before bringing me right back to the main page, and typing reboot into the commandline does nothing. The only way to reboot the router at this point is to plug the power cable out and plug it back in. Why is it doing this all of a sudden? I have read that it might be a RAM issue but my router has 256MB of ram and rarely is more than 20-25% of it used, so I don't think this is the cause for me. It hasn't always done this, for example last week when I would reboot the router it rebooted normally, except for only once instance where it did this. Has anyone with the same hardware or different hardware had this problem and knows what is causing it? Thanks

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Any help would be appreciated, I don't know what the damage to the router will be if I have to keep rebooting it by plugging out the power cord every time.

Mine running 19.07.2 does reboot properly and come back online with a reboot at the CLI. I would suggest upgrading to 19.07.2 if you can.

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Unfortunately my router (Ubiquiti Edgerouter X) seems to be having major issues when I attempt to upgrade to anything 19.07.0 or above, where it would go into an endless boot loop upon attempting to flash the firmware until I factory reset the router. The latest version that works without bootlooping is 18.06.8 for me It seems others with the same device have had similar issues upgrading
Do you have the same router and were able to upgrade successfully? If so, how were you able to upgrade without going to a boot loop?

I'm not sure how I got where it is now since I have had problems with this particular unit having a bad block in the kernel2 flash partition. This requires modifying the upgrade scripts to always use kernel1. So I've been doing serial recoveries on it since the beginning. The last upgrade though, within the 19.07 range, with the script modified, did not require serial recovery.