Unable to quote bold text

Is it just me or do other users also experience this?


Quoting does work until "a" as shown here:
=> Every selection of arbitrary length up to the "a" gives me the Quote button above the selection.

Quoting does not work when anything of the bold text (WE4626-BKC) is in the selection:
=> as soon as I hit the space after the "a", or latest when I hit the "W" with the selection, no Quote button is being shown.

Can anybody reproduce this?

It is not the first time that I see this, therefore I start to wonder what might be causing this (Discourse or my browser).


I'm seeing the same thing. I get the Quote button if the text is all of the same type (i.e. either all normal or all bold), but as soon as there's a mix I don't see the Quote button. I'm using the latest canary build of Edge. Have tested it in the latest stable build of Edge as well with the same result.

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Quoting anything formatted fails now.
Either bolded or a quote from preformatted block fails.
I noticed this maybe 2 days ago.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:82.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/82.0

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Same thing with FF78.3.1esr

In the meantime I noticed that also text containing links is affected by this.

Yep, it is apparently anything except plain text.

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@thess Have you recently updated our discourse version?
We are now on 2.6.0.beta3. Can we easily switch back to 2.6.0.beta2, just for testing?

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Actually if there is a mix of formats it doesn't work. If you select only the bold text it works.

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Code quoting seems completely broken:

example code

Same from Chrome canary on Android... Discourse bug confirmed (or intended)?

Recently, I found quoting failed even across a line break; no special formatting seems to be involved there.

I can quote this part:

or this:

but not the concatenation of them.

@tmomas - Yes, the forum was recently updated. I hesitate to consider a downgrade of the forum software due the potential for database migration issues which may be introduced. I would prefer to go forward if possible but, unless there was a specific fix for this available, I'm not sure this will help right now.

One thing on my "to do" list here is an item to take the site off-line for about 15-30mins and do an application rebuild rather than an upgrade. This action, among other things, will re-build all assets (js, css, etc.). I believe it was recommended by the Discourse folks a few years ago to be done a few times a year (quarterly?). The OS is also overdue for an update which I usually do before a re-build.


I believe this issue has been resolved now. I did the aforementioned forum application re-build and it looks like quoting across items is functional once again. While I had the forum down, I also brought the system up-to-date. Enjoy...


Wonderfull, quoting is working again!
Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

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