Unable to play amazon prime video

I was on wireguard earlier but now I am using openvpn
Still unable to play prime video either from my desktop or smartphone

Someone suggested this link - https://docs.openwrt.melmac.net/pbr/#AWordAboutRoutingNetflixAmazonPrimeHuluTraffic

So I am reading --- 10.6.2. Routing Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu Traffic via WAN
It says

If the VPN tunnel is used as a default gateway, either:

  • send ALL traffic from your multimedia devices (by using their IP addresses or device names in the src_addr option in config file or Local addresses /devices field in WebUI) accessing Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu to WAN; this is the more reliable and recommended method.
  • use the Netflix/AWS custom user files in combination with the Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu domains and dnsmasq.ipset option to route traffic to Netflix/Amazon via WAN; this is definitely less reliable method and may not work in all regions.

Either way make sure that your DNS requests are not routed via VPN Tunnel!

I tried my level best but I can not make an exception for prime video - so in short - how do I make sure dns requests for prime video are not routed through vpn tunnel

I have PBR installed but not sure how to use that so amazon video related dns request does not route through vpn.

I have successfully made an exception for offerup.com by making a policy that allows offerup.com to go through wan

does it work if you put the vpn directly on a client ?


So you mean I should disabling vpn on router - and install vpn on desktop and try that way?

Yes, that is what @frollic suggested.

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I found the solution which was very simple - so for all other questioners who have the same problem - I am sharing.
All you have to do is under policy routing add policy like in attached image.
under local addresses you need to enter IP address of the device you want to stream from ..for example I am streaming from my smart phone - so I would add local ip address of my smartphone - so now it works. I am not sure if I should choose all protocols or not?

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