Unable to open after client connect main router

Hi, I decide to use openwrt as my home dns server, still use ISP router as AP.

My current ISP router ip is

I followed https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/connect_client_wifi

  1. install openwrt in raspberry pi 3b
  2. use to access to openwrt by wired cable
  3. change openwrt ip to, access to, all good
  4. in ISP router, I bind raspberry pi static ip address to
  5. in openwrt, scan and client connect to my ISP route by wifi
  6. in my ISP router, I can clearly see the openwrt has joined with ip address

However, I cannot access to openwrt by ip anymore, either wired or wireless

Is the Pi (with OpenWrt) acting as a router or an AP?

If a router, you need to have a wan and a lan defined, and they must be different subnets.
If you're using the Pi as an AP, stop and reconsider -- the Pi makes a terrible wifi AP because of the very low end wifi chip and small antenna... it is not suitable as an AP.

Neither, I want to use openwrt as a dns server only

Could openwrt work as dns server to decide which ip address could access to internet and which is not? will parentel control work as a dns server only?

Also, as a dns server, I want openwrt to filter those harmful websites to kids

Yes, it could work using something like Adguard Home. However, you may be better off installing PiHole on that device for this type of purpose.

You also need to set your primary router to advertise this device as the DNS server (via DHCP)... this won't stop internet access, but obviously DNS is a good way to control internet access from a practical perspective. However, it can also be bypassed fairly easily... so you may need to setup firewall rules on your main router to prohibit the use of any other DNS servers.

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Thanks so much for your advice

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