Unable to join lan to wlan

Hi !

I'm using OWRT 22.03 with Xiaomi Mi router 3g.

My LAN network consists Ethernet PC linked to Internet router, and Xiaomi router linked to internet router to profit a better WLAN connexion.

But I have an issue from 22.03 release:
WLAN can join admin GUI admin interface of Xiaomi router, but Ethernet PC can't join GUI admin interface.

I must update my Xiaomi router from WLAN (smartphone), but it's not possible from Ethernet PC.

On GUI admin interface, Wireless section -> Network -> I put lan, wan and wan6

On Network section -> Interfaces -> Interfaces -> LAN -> Device -> I put br-lan

On Network section -> Interfaces -> Devices -> br-lan -> Bridge ports -> I put eth0, lan1, lan2, wan (Device type: Bridge device)

I don't touch anything on Firewall or Routing options.

Can anyone help me ?

Thanks !

You cannot easily do bridge an upstream WLAN (i.e. sta mode on your local router) to the LAN (ethernet and/or wifi in AP mode).

Depending on your needs/goals, there are two main options:

  • You can simply make the upstream network a WAN (wireless WAN, associated with the wan firewall zone) and run the router in normal routing mode with a private network behind that (must be a different subnet).
  • Or, run the device with relayd. This is a bit more complicated and has a bunch of caveats in terms of how it works (described on the linked page), but it aims to have a nearly-transparent wifi repeater.