Unable to install xorg-server

Hi All
I have started using OpenWrt this week.
I am using Banana Pi M2 Ultra.
I am trying to get a HDMI display to work with this hardware.
I understand I have to install xorg-server among other things.
I am not able to get xorg-server installed using opkg. I get this error message:
opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package xorg-server
Tried with one other mirror repository (Singapore) without success.
How do I install this package?
Thanks in advance
Regards Ganesh

You cannot install a graphics server on OpenWrt. The fundamental dependenceis are not available for OpenWrt and would likely take years to develop (and nobody is interested in doing this).

See this recent thread on the same topic:

Most devices that include a graphics output (VGA, DVI/HDMI/DP) should support a text based interface. But that's it. No GUI will be possible. OpenWrt does have the LuCI web interface which provides the GUI for OpenWrt simply by using another machine (i.e. any full OS like linux/mac/windows ios/android, etc.) and a web browser. The webserver runs on OpenWrt, and you can then use any client to access it.

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Thanks @psherman for your prompt reply
Even though I am disappointed that I could do what I want with OpenWrt, I am happy that I learnt about a new platform
Thanks for the great job
Regards Ganesh

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