Unable to install wpad and kmod-brcmsmac for ActiontecGT784WNV

I installed the most recent image for Actiontec GT784WNV (openwrt-19.07.3-brcm63xx-generic-96328avng-generic-squashfs-cfe-16M.bin) and have the same wifi problems as previous topics suggest. Looking through the threads, it seems that the issue was from a previous release, so I'd imagine that would have been at least not as difficult to sovle. I tried to install wpad and kmod but neither come up and when I try to update list, it say there were errors and "failed to establish connection". I am at my wits end here, what am I doing wrong? Any help will be appreciated, I really need to get a wifi AP in my house.

I am posting for others who might be having the same problem!

So first, hit the update list and when it brings up the error page, look at the links that are listed. Pick one (preferably the one that says base to make it simple) and copy paste that in another tab. I'm not sure if others will have this issue, but if the page isn't loading, disconnect the router from the computer. Once I did that I was able to load the page and download. If I had connected it and tried downloading, the download would fail, so keep that in mind.

When you have the page up, use the "find in page" feature and just enter the name of the file you need. wpad is in base, and the one you want is the one with numbers following wpad, not any that are like wpad-basic or anything like that, at least not for wifi connectivity. Download by clicking the title.

Kmod packages will be in a different location. Either fetch the link through the error page, or navigate at the top of the webpage to 19.07.3/target/brcm63xx/generic and at the bottom, there will be a supplementary files, one of which is named kmod. Click the only file listed there and finally you'll get to the kmod packages.

Once you download the packages you need, head back to luci and get to the software page, and use the upload package button. You might get an error that you need another package, so you might be going back and forth to get everything you need. Once you've downloaded wpad and kmod-brcmsmac, reboot your router. Hopefully the wireless option will pop up for you like it did for me.

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