Unable to install release version, stuck at 'waiting for root device...'


I am relatively new to openwrt.

I followed these instructions which work fine and installed a snapshot firmware version.

After use for a while I tried to update some packages (day job is serious about keeping software up to date and patching, etc). I learned that a snapshot version does not allow that as snapshots lock packages to a specific version.

So I thought I'd install a release version. Chose 22.03.5. From the above link I simply changed the wget argument from that shown to

Proceeded to download, gunzip and copy with dd. Upon reboot it looks ok until hanging at
Waiting for root device PARTUUID=141b0bcd-02

I thought I might need to change some of the boot parameters shown in the link above but I don't know to what value, or how to make persistent. I can see the expected firmware from running 'ext4ls mmc 0:1'

I'm not sure what next steps I could take to troubleshoot so hope that help may be available from you in this forum.

Many thanks



I managed to deduce the solution. Going back to basics I eventually reasoned the "Waiting for root device PARTUUID=141b0bcd-02" could simply be that it cannot identify the partition to boot from and thought there's a mismatch between the environment variables that mention this value (bootcmd, bootargs, rootdevice) and the UUID stored with each partition.
Then I found the U-Boot (Marvell?) command 'part'. 'part list mmc 0' showed me two partitions of the storage and their UUID. Indeed it was different.
So I changed and saved the environment variables as above to match the UUID value shown and the machine now starts without issue.
I also see there is an argument to 'part' that allows the UUUID to be copied elsewhere but didn't fully grasp that, so proceeded as above.

Trust this may help someone in the future.


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