Unable to install large packages - can I use USB storage for this?

After a fresh look this morning, it appears you are correct. The package I am trying to install is 70MB, so in the process of installing it errors out that my storage is full and I have to reboot to fix it. Can I mount a USB drive and install my package there? I have a feeling that the mount will reset upon reboot...

This isn't a device specific issue, create a new thread.

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You can use the extroot process for this:


Another soluion with SPI flash memory 8 pins

You can:

  • 1 unsolder flash

  • 2 read content with SPI programmer

  • 3 copy in 16 or 32 M new memory

  • 4 solder new memory

  • 5 Build a new firmware with some modifications for 16 or 32 M

  • 6 Flash new content

  • All my routers are modified with new MX25L25645GM2I-10G

This is an option, of course, but it is reserved for people who have reasonable soldering skills (with SMT devices) and knowledge about modifying the source code and compiling customized versions of OpenWrt. There is risk involved here -- in particular, damage to the hardware as a function of the soldering operations.

External/USB flash based storage is a much lower risk and much easier option for the vast majority of users.

It should also be noted that the OP is trying to install packages that require 70MB or more... a 32MB flash storage chip is not going to solve the issue for the OP.


oh yes, 70 MB is really big