Unable to get WAN IP address

Hi there. I have a raspberry pi4 model B's ethernet port hooked up to my technicolor tc4400-am. The port is configured in WAN mode but for some reason it's not getting an IP address. I have configured the wifi of the pi to act as the lan but since there is no WAN IP I can use for the lan gateway I am stuck.

start by cloning the WAN MAC address from the working router, onto the WAN port of the Pi.


Thank you for your suggestion. It turned out that I needed to restart my modem to get the IP.. Your solution might help me in another problem I am having. When I try to use the internet on the router my ISP blocks me with a page saying my service is suspended. so I am wondering if spoofing my MAC would help out. I also want to ask what else can should I spoof to make it look as close to my linksys router as possible

This ended up working. it solves both problems regarding my isp and IP.

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