Unable to detect Sonos from iPhone

Not sure if any had this issue but I am unable to access Sonos beam from iphone (11) app. Everything was working fine initially but something happened in between.

Now when I open Sonos app, I am get the message "Searching for Sonos on you Wi-Fi" and end up in "We cannot connect...". Tried all kinds of troubleshooting steps such as Turn off and on the wi fi. Unplug the router etc. etc. Also tried reset app.

But I know sonos is working because, with blue-tooth off, I am able to play amazon music and select Sonos as the playback device.

Next step I tried was to create static IPs from my iphone and the Sonos beam. I was able to ping both IPs but I still have the problem.

What else I can do to troubleshoot?

Are you on the same network (i.e. not using a different VLAN or SSID)?

What about wifi client isolation - have you checked to make sure it is not enabled?

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Yes I am on the same network. Where do I set isolate client option?

NVM found the option.

That's it !! I disabled isolate client option and everything is working.

psherman, you are a genius !!

Now I have a new problem but I don't think it is related to the setting I changed. I may have done some stupid change.

I am able to connect to wireless network only from one laptop. Other devices connect to the wireless but not getting internet. Rebooting did not help. How to troubleshoot?

Creating a new thread since I already marked as resolved.

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