Unable to connect to WPA3 wifi network using Windows 10

Using latest OpenWrt 21.02.1 I set up a WPA3 only wifi network using LuCi.

I can connect to this network from my android phone, so the network itself works. However I am unable to connect to it from my Windows 10 computer (latest Windows 10 21H2) with a Qualcomm Atheros AR938x Wireless Network Adapter. Windows directly shows the network with errors:

How do I know if Windows 10 itself is the issue or the network adapter? Do I need a new network adapter for WPA3 to work? Which one would work for sure?

Linux driver might support WPA3 e.g. but the Windows drivers are probably old (QCA won't bother).

Windows 10 itself should just support WPA3 afaik.

Check if this helps Windows wpa3-personal connection - #3 by jookk

In case you had earlier the same SSID name set as WPA2 only, you might need to first remove ("Forget") that previous SSID from the list of available wifi networks in Windows.

I tested with my own Windows 10 PC with Intel Wireless 9560 and noticed that Windows connected with WPA2 to my mixed WPA2/WPA3 network.

Once I removed the network, and let Windows find it again (currently setup as WPA2/WPA3 mixed), Windows connected nicely with WPA3 (and Windows even congratulated me about "more secure wireless network").

The short answer is that Windows 10 can connect to WPA3 wifi networks, but not if they are using one of the passwords in the new "password keeper". If your WPA3 network uses a password you have previously used with WPA2, then Windows 10 should be able to access it.