Unable to connect to outside internet with Dumb AP coniguration

I have upgraded the EX6120 back up to 22.03.3 applying my 'fix/workaround'.

I have reinstated all features and it is working like a charm again. 802.11v/k/r with DAWN. Sweet!

please link to it in the post, so it's easier to find.

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done, thanks for the pointer! :relieved:


As I mentioned in the comment to the issue filed here, the workaround actually works on 22.03.3, after some initial quirks regarding DNS handling. :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool! I'm happy you where able to reproduce the results.

Now I need to dumb it down, disable the script and reboot, see if the problem returns even with the ProxyARP setting turned ON in the WLAN settings. If that keeps it fixed, the Dumb AP guide needs an update :smiley:

I want to thank y'all so much for helping me out with this - I really thought I was clueless throughout all this and not that it was a niche bug that only recently cropped up. Since I haven't been able to get the materials together to get the AP wired up for serial I haven't been able to get stock firmware re-flashed either so this is a welcome fix for what's already installed. Spending more time with Arch+systemd and pfSense I'm starting to better understand what's working in the background as well, which helps a lot :sweat_smile:

I'm gonna go ahead and mark this as resolved since the temporary fix is here, try out the fix when I can, and watch the github for further updates!

@dajakerboss just to complete the story here some more, can you please tell us what else you have in your network?

pfSense/OPNsense/Linux router? Any special configurations towards your LAN from the router?

If anyone somehow runs into this thread and not the Github issue first: the suspect commit has been found! Reverting the commit and building 22.03.3 as a test afterwards works for a dumb AP as intended (like in 22.03.0-rc1). This connectivity issue (ARP/broadcast issue) shows up in pfSense and OPNsense bridged LAN setups, but those are not as common in general, so this went pretty much unnoticed until recently.

Issue in question:
Github Issue #11942

Commits in question:
kernel 5.15 - kernel: fix corrupted padding on small packets with mt753x dsa
kernel 5.10 - kernel: fix corrupted padding on small packets with mt753x dsa

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