Unable to Change EA4500's LAN ipaddress

Hi guys, sorry if this doesn't make sense, I've been working for hours on this problem and it's very late.

I'm trying to make a wifi repeater on my EA4500. I have firmware version LEDE Reboot 17.01.3 r3533-d0bf257c46 / LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-17.232.21093-079f65a)

I think that helps. I'm really really new to Linux and firmware flashing and everything.

I followed the instructions here https://lede-project.org/docs/user-guide/relay_configuration and got everything done. But the wifi repeater wouldn't work. So I messed around with someone's suggestion on a related topic and broke it. I did a failsafe (3 failed attempts to boot) to get it to work again and reflashed to the lastest firmware again.

Now I keep having the problem of where I can't change my ipaddress (the first step in https://lede-project.org/docs/user-guide/relay_configuration this link). I wait about 5 minutes and can't get to to switch to It just crashes and starts shooting out only a ipv4 address that isn't connectable so I have to failsafe again. I've done it twice and just wondering what I'm doing wrong. Any advice? :frowning:

If you have LEDE on your main router, you should set up a WDS bridge instead of relayd. It will work better.

You do not have to change the LAN IP unless the network you are going to connect to is also using the same 192.168.1.x range.

After you check the box to disable the DHCP server on LAN, also click over to the IPv6 tab and disable it there. Checking the box does not shut down the IPv6 server.

With no DHCP server, of course you will need to set your PC to a static address to be able to connect.


Thank you for your help! My main router is a TP something or other. This LEDE router will be repeating from that router.

So I would need two different IP addresses right?

Thank you again for your time.