Unable to build AR7 binary image for backfire 10.03

Hi All,

I'm trying to install openwrt 10.3.1 (backfire) on a Netgear DG834GV3 router. I'm following this tutorial to do so:


As part of the process I need to build and patch AR7 binary image.

I have downloaded the 10.3 backfire source and unzip it on a dedicated folder, I have also copied the required patch under /backfire_10.03/target/linux/ar7/patches-2.6.32/.

Moreover I have also copied the config file on the root folder of the source under a .config file.

When I tried to start the build of the image (following the tutorial as captured with the link) i'm getting error message:

xbmcuser@PCHC:~/Téléchargements/backfire_10.03$ clear

xbmcuser@PCHC:~/Téléchargements/backfire_10.03$ dir
BSDmakefile  Config.in	docs  feeds.conf.default  include  LICENSE  Makefile  package  README  rules.mk  scripts  target  tmp  toolchain  tools
xbmcuser@PCHC:~/Téléchargements/backfire_10.03$ make package/symlinks
--: /home/xbmcuser/Téléchargements/backfire_10.03/include/shell.sh;: No such file or directory
--: /home/xbmcuser/Téléchargements/backfire_10.03/include/shell.sh;: No such file or directory
ERROR: please fix target/linux/brcm63xx/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/ppc40x/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/uml/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/rb532/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/rdc/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/orion/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/x86/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/avr32/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/octeon/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/ifxmips/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/ar71xx/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/ar7/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/ixp4xx/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/adm5120/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/cobalt/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/brcm-2.4/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/ppc44x/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/au1000/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/xburst/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/brcm47xx/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/atheros/Makefile
ERROR: please fix target/linux/kirkwood/Makefile
Collecting target info: done
/home/xbmcuser/Téléchargements/backfire_10.03/include/prereq-build.mk:17: recipe for target 'prereq-non-root' failed
Prerequisite check failed. Use FORCE=1 to override.
/home/xbmcuser/Téléchargements/backfire_10.03/include/toplevel.mk:107: recipe for target 'tmp/.prereq-build' failed
make[1]: *** [tmp/.prereq-build] Error 1
/home/xbmcuser/Téléchargements/backfire_10.03/include/toplevel.mk:129: recipe for target 'package/symlinks' failed
make: *** [package/symlinks] Error 2

Therefore I'm seeking some help to figure out how I can build a 10.3 backfire AR7 binary image (patched for the ADAM2+ bootloader) in order to install openwrt on my old DG834Gv3 router.

Thanks for your support.


That is not surprising for something that old and unmaintained. Build dependencies change, download URLs change or vanish, compilers and shells get stricter in the syntax they accept. If you even want to start this endeavour (which doesn't make sense, you'd still have over 8 years of accumulated glaring security holes), you'd need to start with a distribution/ version for building that's roughly as old as the branch you want to build - and then still be prepared for a lot of manual fixing (and be it just finding out where the tarballs to be downloaded can be obtained today, if they still exist at all).

In today's world with botnets actively searching for new members to take over, it's irresponsible to run outdated software on network devices, with the latest dnsmasq security issues or KRACK (both fixed in 17.01.6 and 18.06.1) you aren't even safe to use these in your local network behind a more up-to-date router. It's really paramount to keep these devices updated and secure, if the hardware can't cope with the demands of current firmware versions anymore (which is likely for ar7 devices) it simply needs replacing - especially considering that you can find used lantiq VRX268/ VRX288 devices with comfortable systems specs for a song.