Unable to access webinterface instead a file named "download" downloads

whenever i tried to access this happens

after that a file downloads named "download"
tried to open "4" times hence "download (4)" if i open that with Notepad there is this text

require "luci.cacheloader"
require "luci.sgi.cgi"
luci.dispatcher.indexcache = "/tmp/luci-indexcache"

this is inside that "download" file .
I tried looking up some say uninstall lighttpd which in my case isnt installed
i have factory resetted OPENWRT still the same issue

sorry, crystal ball is offline - maintenance.

what device ? openwrt version ? image did you flash ?

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device : tp link archer c6 v3 ,version : OpenWrt 22.03.5 ,
image i flashed : openwrt-22.03.5-ramips-mt7621-tplink_archer-c6-v3-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

you flash the wrong image, to start with ...