Unable to access through serial console - Archer C20 V1

Be aware that you need a tftpd (server, not a tftp client), so atftpd, personally I prefer tftpd-hpa instead, but any tftpd will do.


I use tftpd-hpa.

@David.S.Mckellen nope. It's not working. When I hold the reset button and switch on the router, the USB LED blinks once and then nothing happens. The same thing happens every time I switch on the router irrespective of whether I hold the button or not.

I think I'm running out of options. Not sure how to proceed.

You probably do something wrong
Do you have Win 10 on another computer!? Test in on windows again

I did. No change. It's been the same. When switched on (with or without pressing reset button), USB LEDB lights up for a second and goes off. No other change. Computer detects network but that's it.

It's weird

From https://openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tp-link_archer_c20_v1

Using TFTP method


Linux (ubuntu/debian)

Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/btto9v0xosw75vi/ArcherC20V1_tp_recovery.bin?dl=0

Connect to the router via Static IP mode, set your host ip to

sudo apt-get install tftpd-hpa tftp sudo sudo cp ArcherC20V1_tp_recovery.bin /var/lib/tftpboot

On the device hold the WPS button during startup. After 10 seconds the router will start trying to download a file ArcherC20V1_tp_recovery.bin via tftp from a server with the IP for 10 more seconds. After finished a white LED will light up

it says that On the device hold the WPS button during startup
there are 2 button (WPS,Reset) or just 1 button behind the router?!

In most routers including mine, WPS/reset is the same button. Normal press will enable WPS while long press will reset. I have tried

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c20's tftp recovery is traped. it will be hard bricked if flashed with normal firmware because it doesn't included bootloader but c20 will just flash it from 0x0 without care. It need to attach a uboot in front of firmware file.

I guess the one provided in open wrt sir has uboot added to it?

if you had to rename the image file, no it doesn't.

some problem as @mccbala

I too am using Windows 10, with tftpd64.
The file copied alright, then all the lights were on for some time. I waited for about 5-7 minutes, then restarted the router. Only the USB Light blinked once, then nothing.

Does that mean my router is bricked?

Yeah it is
did you upload the right firmware successfully for your router via TFTP?

Yes, I did. downloaded the file from the OpenWRT page for my router.
any way to unbrick the router? I am a noob, so the more descriptive it is, the better.

You didn't answer my question!!!! there are differences between download firmware from openwrt website and upload firmware to your router via TFTP !!
first of all make sure that your router is connected to LAN card and communicated

Hi All,
i believe i have the same sort of issue as mccbala on my C20 v1
Used the image from openwrt site, however managed to brick the device up to a point, where LAN ports no longer work, just the USB LED flashes when i turn it on. Traced traffic with wireshark to make sure there is no traffic on the LAN ports.
Is serial recovery the only way to unbrick the device now?