Unable to access the management

I apologize for the mistake. 'The management console' refers to the web-based administration interface.

Right. And you have snapshot installed, so no web interface will be installed.

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So, after I install LuCI, can I access the web management interface by using

Yes. But you may have trouble installing LuCI if your snapshot is not the latest. Therefore, downloading and installing a stable release version is the best method.

but it's all in vain, if your client doesn't get any IP from the Beelink.
you should probably solve this problem 1st, since the webUI won't help, when there's no working network.

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how to solve this problem?

start by running logread -f on the console, and try disconnecting and connecting your clients ethernet cable to both ports, to figure out which is the LAN port.

you can then stop the logread by pressing Ctrl+C.

I would start by installing the stable release first. Then look at the logs and the config details to see what is happening with the Ethernet ports.

I don't think stable is a good choice here, those Realtek NICs are the ones currently requiring a recent snapshot to run at full speed.

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Now I already know which is lan and which is wan, so next step? The image displays the LAN port, right?

yes, that looks like the lan side.
you should get an IP on your client, and be able to ssh to openwrt.

use https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org/?version=SNAPSHOT&target=x86%2F64&id=generic to generate a new image.
add luci to the list of packages, request a build, and DL the image type you want to use, and write it to your device.

After I run 'ipconfig' in the Windows command line, the result is the same as before.

this should *just work", if you're sure the cable's OK, try setting a static IP on the clients LAN port.

Ethernet is in a disabled state. Is this related to not being able to obtain an IP? Also, how should it be configured? Can it be configured like in the image? What values should be set?


no idea what that means, but it seems the interface isn't available, don't know
if it's due to a policy, settings, or because there's no IP coming from the Beelink.

the IPs you're using are OK.